Medical Travel Advice

Medical Travel Advice

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), travellers should be aware of accidents. Travellers are more likely to be killed via accidental injury or violence compared to by infectious illness. Worldwide, roadway traffic mishaps are the most frequent cause of death amongst youngsters aged 15-29 years.

Consider the location you are taking a trip to and your travelling schedule. The recommendations formerly given to a family member or friend could be different from your needs. So please see your travel centre several weeks prior to your travel, to get one of the most existing and appropriate recommendations.


Are you are taking a trip to remote locations where you will be not likely to access healthcare quickly? Or a location where available medical centres might be poor? You might consider bringing a course of emergency situation standby treatment for malaria.

Yellow Fever

Visitors are recommended to make use of individual protective steps when entering locations where yellow fever is present. This consists of using insect repellents and putting on appropriate garments.

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Consult with us to figure out if any type of inoculations or various other medical preventative measures. These may be recommended for the areas you are taking a trip to.

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