Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraceptive

The morning after pill is used to provide an emergency contraceptive to prevent a pregnancy following unprotected sex. Emergency contraceptives are also used following a failure of your regular contraceptive method such as missing your pill or having a condom split.

We offer our customers a convenient and affordable method of ensuring that you are protected against pregnancy as a result of unprotected sex.

How does the morning after pill work?

The morning after pill works by delaying or preventing ovulation. The two main types of morning after pill are Levonelle and ellaOne. Levonelle uses a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone (levonorgestrel) to effect the ability of your body to ovulate. ellaOne stops the normal working of progesterone within your body as it contains ulipristal acetate.

When do I take the pill?

The morning after pill should be taken as soon as possible following unprotected sex, Levonelle should be used within 72 hours and ellaOne should be taken within 120 hours following unprotected sex.

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